Random pict to make my blog purty

This is a tiny corner of the lake near my home, and it's reflecting the cloudy sky. Sigh, can't seem to stop photographing water reflections. I like 'em.

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those clouds look beautiful.
i haven't seen clouds like that
for a while. this is a very nice
nice blog too.

9/14/2004 08:00:00 PM  

Thank you! I'm glad you like the pict and the blog. The only digital camera I own is attached to my cell phone and doesn't exactly take quality pictures. If I simply pointed the camera to the sky, all you'd see would probably be...white. But taking pictures of water reflections--aha! Suddenly lots of pretty details.

9/14/2004 08:20:00 PM  

I love the title of your blog. It sounds like some really cool franchise you have with locations all over the world. =) And brown bread ice cream does sound yummy. Rach, maybe you should do with that. And the picture is really nice. Wouldn't have thought that it's from a camera phone. Love pictures like that.

I totally forgot I have an account with this site, maybe I should do something about it. But I'm just too lazy. *sigh*

9/14/2004 10:17:00 PM  

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