Olive bread taste verdict

Well, I waited until my bread was completely cooled--as it is always advised--before cutting into it. Aren't I the good girl?

I was hoping for larger holes, since my bread dough was so wet. But, no, as you can see in the picture, no big holes. The green olives make pretty flecks throughout the bread, but there was waaaay too much olive. Almost puckerishly salty. The next time I make olive bread, will only use slightly more than a quarter cup.

The bread still tastes damp, despite baking for an entire hour (the recipe on e-gullet says 35-40 minutes. But then I don't have a wood-burning oven (although there are home bakers willing to do anything to achieve that perfect loaf and who happily build their own ovens, I am ashamed to admit that my passion for bread baking has yet to stir in me any masonry instincts) or quarry tiles (where to find quarry tiles in Tokyo?) or even a pizza stone ($$$), so my little electric oven has to do all the work and probably doesn't put out adequate heat.

All in all, definitely the worst bread I've made so far. Unfortunately I can't seem to stop eating it. I gotta say, if you ever want to break a person on the Atkin's Diet, force him or her to bake bread, and have the loaf sitting enticingly and prominently on the kitchen counter or, like me, the living room table. I don't know why, but with store-bought bread, I can very coolly divvy it up, freeze it, and eat no more than one or two slices a week. With my own bread though, I'm caught in its carbo clutches and just can't say no.

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Bread. Yum.

9/21/2004 01:57:00 PM  

Bread is yum, isn't it? I just wish my pictures were a little clearer and yummier.

9/23/2004 12:06:00 AM  

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