Breathe Again

Today as I was walking, I was startled by a strange fluttering sensation against my shins: the wind! It felt absolutely delicious, and I realized that for months on end, my legs have been imprisoned in tights and long socks, starved for light and air. Until today. It was so warm, I had my jeans daringly rolled up a few inches, and if it weren't for the new decongestant drugs I'm on that have me mellow as a cat in warm cream, I'm sure I would have been dashing about the park, fully reveling in the wondrous bare-ankle sensations.

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Mellow as a cat in warm cream... that's luscious. It is also luscious to read about spring winding its way into everyone's hearts (and legs!). 

from jessica

4/07/2005 04:03:00 AM  

Is it warming up in Germany too, Jess? This new turn in the weather has me feeling freakishly happy.  

from Rachel

4/08/2005 12:48:00 AM  

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