Taking the First Baby Step

One last post before bedtime. I didn't want to rant and rave and then seemingly forget the matter entirely the very next day.

Having read everyone's comments, I felt like I'd found (or been found by) my very own tribe of wannedabe-doctor sisters! How weird and wonderful.

There was one commenter named Tea who kindly responded to my ranting, and out of all of us, I feel she may have the greatest variety of options open to her (no offense to the rest of the tribe) because she's still in university deciding her future and isn't tied down yet...I don't think. You could do anything, Tea! Well, except medicine, I guess--but forget about that!

When I eventually gave up on becoming a doctor (dropping out of university for a year, because I felt so lost), I also foolishly gave up the more important part of my dream, which was to help people. I felt like without the skills that a medical degree would imbue me with, I would be worthless. I was so wrong. Now I have all this great desire to help, in any way at all, but my options are limited by the most basic things, like a husband and dog who need me. I'm not giving up so easily though!

For me, I've decided the first thing I need and can do right away is increase my knowledge. Life Jaime said in her comment, there are so many causes we could devote ourselves to. I've been doing a lot of searching and, quite simply, reading all I can. If anyone's interested, I found two great groups: human rights organization Global Exchange and the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Both sites have a lot of good information on important issues (or at least I think they're important) and both groups offer internships and also admit to needing volunteers--hint, hint, all you free people out there!

Sorry, I hope the tone of this post wasn't too preachy.

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Hey! I was mentioned in the blog! I feel so special ^_^ Heehee. Actually, your post gave me good advice - not too preachy at all! I was  losing my focus of getting a career that can help people because of my rush to just find the right path to getting a job. I want what a lot of people want in a job: doing something they're passionate about (and earn good money along the way ^^), but I haven't found what I would love to do yet. I hope to do some research this summer about it, and I'll remember to keep my priorities in sight. I'll also be checking out the volunteer opportunities too! ^-^ By the way - are you a fellow Canadian? =) 

from tea

4/23/2005 10:27:00 AM  

Hi there Rachel, I'm liking your blog, and am finding recent posts freakishly resonant. Well, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

Also, what about starting with the local? I don't know what kinds of volunteer or civic organisations are available to you around where you live, but that might possibly be a good place to start doing things, before or while you're looking to contribute overseas or elsewhere.


from Anonymous

4/23/2005 11:25:00 AM  

Hey Tea, hope you didn't mind being singled out like that-grin. I was feeling very teacher-like and even referred to you at first as a "young lady," but then I thought, crap, that makes me sound about 90 and like I should be waving a ruler around or something, so you became just "a commenter."

If you ever decide to give volunteering a go, that would be *so* cool. And I'd love to hear all about it. Or perhaps you could even blog about it--do you have your own blog, by the way?

No, I'm not a Canadian, though I pretty much grew up in Vancouver. Technically, I'm Singaporean, but I haven't lived there since I was eight, so it's not really home for me.

Hi Iain! I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear a male voice. Not that I don't love the female bonding going on around here, but I always wonder what exactly it is that I'm saying that seems to keep the men away...Could it be all the flowers, cake, and puppy dog pictures?

I'm glad I wrote something that you could connect with, and I think there are a lot of people out there who share what we feel. This will sound horribly naive, but I wish we could all band together because I know we could actually make the world a little less mad--if only we could all find each other!

Definitely, starting local is a great idea. Only, I let myself be intimidated by the fact that I'd probably have an awkward time communicating with everyone in Japanese about a topic I have enough trouble discussing in English--sigh. I should stop being a coward, I know.

Thanks for stopping by.  

from Rachel

4/23/2005 07:59:00 PM  

Hey Rachel! I actually don't have my own blog because between school (ugh), reading other people's very interesting blogs, and reading manga (my guilty addiction ^^;) I don't think I have time for having a blog. I would love one if I had the time, but my writing is also a bit sub-par (even though I'm in uni...T_T;) and I don't think many people would want to read my mindless ramblings about nothing. heheh. ^^ 

from Tea

4/24/2005 03:42:00 AM  

Hey Tea,

I must say, blogging can get pretty addictive and time-consuming. I know people who've forced themselves to quit because it was taking up too much of their lives.

I do find it a good way to sort out all my thoughts, however.

from Rachel

4/26/2005 07:55:00 PM  

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