For the girls

I guess a new blogger has no right to say she's too busy to add some content to her rather barren blog... But I am busy, she says in a small voice.

And yet, here I am, cranking out a quick post on creaky, blistered fingers. Why blistered? Because yesterday was a holiday and last night my husband dragged me to the neighborhood golfing range--for god's sake, DO NOT conjure up images of me with plaid pants and a canary yellow sweater tied neatly around my shoulders (and just in case: a golfing range is like a baseball batting range where there's a whole bunch of people lined up on a platform on one side of a big netted space and they just keep on hitting and hitting golf balls). So my guy and I spent a couple of hours at a golfing range despite the fact that (a) neither of us have ever had golfing lessons and (b) there is something about the game of golf that makes me feel like a big loony--me and my brother actually got my dad kicked off a golf course in the middle of his game once, when he made the mistake of asking us to tag along...in golf carts...that to two young people sort of resemble bumper cars, with the added bonus of acres and acres of hilly greens to slam each other across.

Well, anyhow, essentially, golf is not really my game (okay, what is?). But I dutifully went to the golfing range with my husband because, in Japan, sometimes you actually do have to learn golf for the sake of work, and my husband has that kind of a job. I gotta admit, although I don't enjoy golf, it's pretty damn satisfying to just stand there, whaling the hell out of a little ball with a big club. I actually broke a sweat as well as some skin on my fingers. My husband asked me why I had to smash into each ball like I was trying to kill somebody. My reply is that since I have no technique, I have only pure aggression with which to send that little ball sailing. Which I do, by the way. Just not consistently. I almost lobbed off my husband's ear a few times when the ball was supposed to fly off to my left, but shot forward instead, right past where my husband was standing in front of me. Heh.

So now I've got blistery fingers and lots of work after I finish typing this post that requires, yup, more typing. Not that I'm complaining. No, I'm just trying to recollect what was the point of this post...

And looking at the title, I am reminded. For the girls. Okay, I guess guys can use this information too, but it's mostly women who get osteoperosis, so read on if osteoperosis fascinates you!

Now that everyone has stopped reading, let me relay some prit-ty interesting info I just picked up about calcium. You know a girl's supposed to get about 1,000mg of calcium a day? And there are lots of calcium supplements that very handily contain 1,000mg of calcium per giant capsule--why are those suckers always so damn large? Well, I just found out that your body only absorbs 500mg of calcium MAXIMUM per time (don't ask me exactly what "time" means, since I could not find a single site on the Internet clarifying this). Anyhow, for all you ladies taking 1,000mg calcium pills, or perhaps taking two 500mg pills or whatever, STOP. You're just wasting that calcium, and, probably more distressingly, a lot of money, since those ridiculously sized pills are also ridiculously expensive.

So as annoying as this sounds, you really should try to find 500mg calcium supplements and take one twice a day, with an appropriate time interval between...although exactly how much time, I have not a clue.

That was my pedantic post for the day--hopefully the week. I actually have some nice food posts waiting in draft form right now, and I PROMISE to try to finish them up and get them posted sooooooooon. Back to work.

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Thank you for the information on minerials and supplements. I am going to be starting my own blog on calcium buildup and found your posting to be very helpful.

12/15/2005 04:14:00 AM  

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