A Mad World

My "recent comments" list seems to have gone mad on me. Or am I the only one seeing "NNAN?" What is that about (if anyone can tell me, I'd be awfully grateful)?

I hate to put down Blogger.com but does anyone else find that things suddenly go loony for no reason? Sure, what I'm using to show recent comments is a hack. But I don't notice that anyone else using it is seeing NNAN.

My sidebar once went missing for an entire day. And that quick edit pencil icon seems to flit in and out of visibility at whim. Other strange things have happened that mysteriously rectify themselves after a period of time. I'm hoping this is just one more temporary "episode." Anyone posting comments, sorry for any weirdness that occurs.

Update: I went searching for help at the wonderful Blogger Hacks and it seems the problem was caused by Blogger recently fiddling with its comment capabilities. Anyone having similar problems, read this.

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