What Is Going On?!

As soon as I entered my apartment today, I felt a little swoop of unease. Something was off--and, no, it wasn't the new starter I'm trying to bring to life because the old one featured so proudly in my sidebar died, yes, died, but I'll have to write about that another time because I'm in fact so busy I shouldn't even be writing this very brief post I am attempting to post briefly. Er...

Back to my quick story. It was as I was slipping off my shoes that it hit me, or rather the warmth did. Warmth? On a cold day? Inside my apartment? Nuh uh, my apartment doesn't do that. In fact, my apartment seems to be in blatant competition with the outdoors: if the day's cold, then my apartment has to knock its internal temperature down to a level amenable to frostbite. In the dead of winter, my apartment could double as a transitional base camp for those about to embark on an Antarctic expedition.

Naturally, I panicked at the foreign desire to take off my coat. First, I dashed to the stove, certain that there I would find a roaring blaze that would demystify the alarmingly comfortable degree of heat within my home. Nope, my burners were quiet and a wee bit dirty, just as I'd left them. I then dashed about my home, but there just aren't that many sources of heat in this place--huh, don't I know it. I wondered if I'd been walking too fast and merely woken up my inner furnace. But then my eyes were drawn to the windows: blurred, top to bottom, with condensation.

Okay, now I was scared. You know in that movie where the room suddenly gets really cold and you watch a layer of frost swiftly creep over everything, and then you know the monster or big baddie has arrived? Well, okay, this is nothing like that, but... This just isn't normal. Nice. But not the natural order of things.

Something's wrong, I just know it. But what? Where is all this good ambient warmth coming from? Aaaaarrrgh!

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Spring has sprung! Or maybe your downstairs neighbors are reenacting the Salem witch trials?  

from jessica

4/13/2005 06:34:00 AM  

Well, what was the cause then ? A great suspense story but someone tore off the ending pages :-) 

from Ferit

4/13/2005 10:18:00 PM  

Hey Jessica, I think the witch trials downstairs is the most likely scenario. Or maybe my neighbors just *are* witches. Hmmm...

Hi Ferit, sorry, it was not my intention to leave you in suspense! But, truly, I may never know what caused that freak afternoon of warmth. After a few hours, the familiar numbing cold returned and I was back to huddling in my winter woolies. Who knows. Sigh.  

from Rachel

4/16/2005 02:06:00 PM  

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