Gee Whiz

If you've commented lately, you'll notice I've upped the security around here because the spammers seemed to have found me. It was all so nice and peaceful, so I don't know what changed. My only gripe is that when I want to comment on my *own* blog, I have to do that ridiculous word verification thingy too. For goodness sake, would it be too much to ask that I be spared that? I wish I could spare you all as well, but for obvious reasons that's impossible.

Worst of all is when I read the jumble of letters incorrectly and I'm asked to try again. I feel like I'm failing a combined eye and literacy test, and it's mortifying as hell.

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I KNOW! I installed the security yesterday because I've been getting some spams recently and was APPALLED to have to type in the security letters myself!!

9/15/2005 08:57:00 PM  

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