Saveur Magazine -- What Happened?

What in the madre de dios is going on with Saveur magazine? Being in Japan means I haven't physically flipped through its pages lately and it's been a while since I visited their website, but the cover of their latest issue... blueberry pancakes?! I realize I've been going on and on about pancakes myself of late, but--a loyal reader has set expectations, and one does not expect to see pancakes on the cover of Saveur; Martha Stewart Living, maybe.

While Saveur's always kept fairly conservative about its covers, it had a distinct feel, compared to the other food magazines out there. And one always knew that, within, one was likely to find a classy feature on, say, pig's blood porridge from a little village in nothern China. But it seems this issue is featuring Maine and blueberrries (frozen blueberries, at that). What are they doing? Trying to compete with Cook's Illustrated? Oh geez.

Also, the design has changed. The colored border framing a white cover is gone. What's happening? And what's next? Christmas cookies? Hot chocolate? How sad.

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