This was going to be a comment...

...but I droned on and on and on, until I finally decided to make it a post. To make up for not writing a real post. Here it is, in response to Fungo's comment (so it sounds like I'm just writing to her but really I'm addressing all of you, truly):

Whoa, can I just say that posting comments, even on your own blog, is *really* scary? You can't edit any horrendous mistakes you've made. You can't even erase a comment without there being this damning message that says something like "author deleted her own comment because it was stupid and full of untrustworthy facts."

But back to you, Wei. Hi! And you put a beam on my face today. Thanks. It's just so nice to know you're reading. But now I feel awful for not writing more regularly. It's just that my cursed job blah blah blah, you know the drill. But it's really really true. You know, Edward's dog food has been steadily dwindling and I don't even have time to run to town and get him more. Poor guy. But I will feed him carrots and string beans before I break down and buy some cheapo supermarket dog food!!!

Animal lovers, don't fret. I will not allow it to come to crudites for my furry friend. He will have lamb and organic grains (can you believe I'm not kidding?), just as he always has.

This stupid comment is getting so long, it might as well be a post. What the heck was I getting at? Oh yeah--busy.

But once this damn busyness goes away, I promise to write things and fix things and spruce up things on this blog.

Wei, funny you mention dragonfruit. I was just talking to a friend about figs and dragonfruit the other day. She was trying to sell me on figs. She thinks they're okay, which kind of makes me feel bad for the somewhat negative fig review I wrote. But let this be a lesson then to anyone reading that I could be (and almost always invariably am) very very wrong. I really do my best to fact check--I actually attended journalism school (snicker), so I KNOW about these things. But my opinions, my undiscerning yet judgmental taste buds (well, according to PBS television, I'm just not a "supertaster", so give me a break), all that stuff is all relative.

You know, I never realized my staggering potential for incoherence until I began this blog. Wei, are you still with me.

Focus, Rachel! Dragonfruit. Have you ever tried it? Well, here's another personal opinion: don't!!! Very pretty, fuscia fruit with green tassel-y things. Inside is white with black seeds. Visually striking with all the flavor of paper. Cod sperm sacs have more taste than dragonfruit. Figs definitely have more taste. I have no idea who grows dragonfruit, who eats them, who wants them. Very mysterious puzzle of life. Okay, really got to get back to work.

Oh darn, but spent all this time on writing a comment, was actually going to post something. Gee, what to do...

I was then struck with the brilliant idea of making my comment into a post, which it now is. Forever more. Amen.

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