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Scene of Narita from Train Window

Needless to say: sorry for not writing. It's been three weeks or so since my last post, which was probably the most laconic paragraph I have ever written in my entire droning existence. Short explanation: my modem broke down and I was forking over an excessive amount of cash for spare minutes on Kinko's computer. My husband gently suggested it was all my fault to begin with, that I caused some circuitry malfunction or whatever when I tried to create a home-made incubator for my sourdough starter, using the modem as the heat source. Maybe.

In my defense, I was trying to be cost efficient. Since the modem is constantly running and giving off heat, it seemed like a good idea to just harness all that energy, rather than having my oven on for hours and hours to keep my starter warm.

Anyhow, the new modem was only supposed to take a week to arrive, but by then I had deserted my dog and husband to travel to Singapore, to visit with family and eat almost constantly--that is the best and really the only thing one does in Singapore. Just got back yesterday, and am actually recovering from a cold. But to show my dedication, here I am, typing up a storm.

Damn, it's cold. At this very moment, the top half of my body is facing the computer and the bottom half is trying its best to fuse with the oil heater, a scary metal contraption that sparks angrily when moved and would probably melt my skin if I ever tried to get near it less than fully clothed. But it's the warmest thing in this room. Japan factoid: older buildings in this country are very badly insulated. I shouldn't complain though. The apartment I'm in now is much, much better than the previous place, where it got so cold I had trouble falling asleep at night and my hands would freeze into arthritic-like claws that made typing exceedingly difficult.

The funny thing is that although I just came from a tropical country, I spent a lot of time shivering there as well because of the frigid air conditioning that is prevalent in a lot of shops and restaurants. When in Singapore, I carry a cardigan wherever I go. With a/c though, the chill is external, it's your skin that seems almost to flinch and contract against the sudden frosty blast as you enter a building. Here in Japan, I feel the cold deep in my flesh. I could be wearing my thickest ski socks around the house and still experience my feet solidify into popsicles.

Even Edward has been gradually shifting closer and closer to the heater in his sleep. I hope he doesn't burn himself. The dear boy bravely survived these past two weeks without me. In fact, from what the in-laws reported, he had a jolly good time while staying at their house, and I doubt the fluffy wretch even noticed I was gone. He got to sleep in "Grandma's" lap in the day and "Grandpa's" futon at night. I'm sure he was spoiled rotten. My husband mentioned that his dad even seemed a little teary as he said his good-byes to Edward.

I'm glad to note, however, that I didn't miss too much of fall while I was gone. Autumn in Japan is really gorgeous, especially with the brilliant scarlet Japanese maples and their star-like leaves and the towering golden gingko trees that practically glow they're so bright.

And it is good to be home again. I had a great time in Singapore, but life there is frenetic, something I can't endure for too long. I never ate out so much in my life. So much eating, so much talking, so much rushing about. It was wonderful, but this feels more like real life.

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Haha, did you really use your modem as an incubator for the starter? How much does your modem heat up?

If you are using an oil heater now, what are you going to do come Jan? I am still refusing to put on my leather jacket or anything remotely resembling a winter coat. Gotta pace myself. 

- Lynn

11/30/2004 04:14:00 PM  

I have no idea what I'm going to do come January. Perhaps by then, I will have devised a way to permanently attach the oil heater to my body without giving myself third-degree burns.

Although I am seriously considering scouting out one of those giant animal suits that you find people wearing in places like Disney Land. You know, where you're covered from head to toe in fur. I guess going to the bathroom would be a pain, but...to be warm.

- Rachel

12/02/2004 12:25:00 PM  

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