Quick! Use the Ricotta Cheese!

What do you do when you discover the ricotta cheese you just bought but only partially used the previous day is on the quivering brink of expiry, and all the resources emphasize that ricotta cheese is not something that should be frozen? You make bread rolls with the cheese incorporated into the dough, and then you freeze the rolls, because surely in its transformed state from cheese to bread, the ricotta should develop more freeze-resistant properties, right?

Well, yes, my assumption was correct. The rolls froze fine (sorry, this isn't one of those posts where something goes very wacky and you get to laugh at my baking foibles). However, I just wanted to let you all know that ricotta cheese bread is not worth the extra expense. The rolls tasted good, sure, but they were just regular rolls, no discernible ricotta oomph to them (i.e., nothing miraculous happened to the taste or texture, much to my disappointment). So unless you find yourself in a similar dilemma of expiring cheese, I say: skip the ricotta bread.

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