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I'm at this very moment seated at an honest-to-goodness desk, at a real office, with human beings all around me, filling the air with sounds of officeness. Did I capitulate? Become a Tokyo salarywoman? No, I've merely been hired as a temp at a company, to fill in while the regular editor is away a few weeks. And I only agreed because they promised me I wouldn't have to start work until 1pm, which earned me a lot of eye rolling from my husband.

Since beginning the job, I've been enjoying:
  • the conversational exchanges with my temporary colleagues, as opposed to the more limited ones I have with Edward, when working from home

  • sampling the different obentos sold in the area around the office, because I can't seem to bring myself to pack my own lunches and save tons of money in the process

     Today's obento: salmon and ikura strewn over rice, with a bit of egg garnishing (the yellow strands)

  • my much-earlier-than-usual morning walks with Edward, as I realize the quality of light at 9am is quite different from the light at 2 or 3pm--the former is clearer and sweeter

  • reading on the train, because somehow that seems like an extremely acceptable thing to do, whereas sprawling on the carpet at home and reading seems unproductive and slothful; additionally, the limitations of the train ride allow me to draw out the reading of a book and savor it for days, when I am more apt to gulp down books with a strange, uncontrollable greed

  • the little food omiyage (gifts) regularly distributed around the office; so far, I've had soba manju, brownies, thin little crunchy almond wafer-cookie-like things, and little mochi things

  • On the other hand, I have been disliking:
  • trying to piece together acceptable office attire from my scarcely-updated-since-college wardrobe

  • having to worry about bad hair days again; lately, bobby pins have become my greatest allies in the fight to subdue my ridiculous hair; however, I have to work with restraint, or after a few hours I start to feel like I'm wearing Magneto's really heavy, really butt-ugly helmet.

  • evening rush hour and getting up close and impersonal (think their-sweat-is-your-sweat close) with strangers who often (a) smell weird, (b) have weird/annoying habits that trust-me are staggeringly amplified when endured at close range for half an hour without relief, or (c) think your body is their personal Lazyboy

  • being made to feel conscious and guilty of the fact that I need to pee WAY more than normal human beings--I have a little bladder, what can I say?

  • But, all in all, this is very short-term stuff and soon I'll be able to put away the ugly formal shoes and forget how it feels to be pressed up against a strange man with exactly 28 long hairs sprouting from his neck.

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    The most telling sign that you have a job in an office is that you are able to post to your blog a lot more.

    2/15/2006 07:52:00 AM  

    Heh, yeah, well...

    2/15/2006 01:58:00 PM  

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