[ food ]

the good
Brown Bread Ice Cream
Chicken Stew - Sorta Singapore Style
Fluffy Cheese Cake
Near Perfect Pancakes
Okara Bread (delectable pillowy goodness)

the okay
All-Purpose Pie Dough Recipe (works for quiche too)
Dark Chocolatey Cookies
Eggplant Focaccia
Gouda Thyme Quickbread
Kumquat Tart
Ricotta Rolls
Tchok - Feeding a Cold

crash & burnt
Amy's Rustic Italian Bread -- Not for the Weak of Heart
Evil Squidgy Baby's Bottom Bread
Puckerish Olive Bread: Part I
Puckerish Olive Bread: Part II
Puckerish Olive Bread: Part III
San Francisco Sourdough

Hana Mochi
Measuring Cups - Japanese vs. American (Yeah, They're Different)
Parchment-Lined Loaf Pan in Seconds!

Fresh Figs
Haagen-Dazs Berry-Berry Parfait
Okara Donuts
PG Tips
Pierre Hermé - Aoyama
Soldam Plums

all talk
Going Bean-sane
Hope for Cantaloupe
I've Lost My Sense of Taste
Fruit in Japan
Posting Comments on Your Own Blog & Dragonfruit
Sickeningly Good
Smelly Pancakes & Supermarket Music
Spicy Food
When I Want What I Want

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Sorry to write this in the comments but I couldn`T find your email address.

You have been kind enough to link to my blog Undercover in Japan in
your blogroll.

I have recently changed domains from http://quaisi.blogspot.com to
http://quaisi.net. I would really appreciate it if you would update
your link on your site to the new one

Thanks and keep up the good work,


from quaisi

3/13/2006 04:34:00 PM  

Hi Simon,

Thanks for letting me know. I'm afraid I've been quite behind in updating my sidebar. Will make sure to do so soon.  

from Rachel

3/15/2006 01:48:00 PM  

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