Can't Help Myself

I just wrote a post trying to stand up a little bit for Blogger, but here I am, back again at the bitching post. I know I shouldn't even be using Blogger's spell check to begin with, but I do. Oh, stop looking at the screen incredulously. Anyhow, what I wanted to ask is: Why doesn't the spell checker for Blogger recognize the words blog and Blogger, for Pete's sake? And for that matter, who was Pete? What kind of man was he, that his name is now interchangeable with god, goodness, and heaven?

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Hi Rachel - I agree! Blogger's spell check is hopeless! The way it works is pretty clunky too. I usually (if I remember to do a spell check) copy my text into Word and do the spell check there.

P.S. - I know you weren't really looking for an answer on this, but I couldn't resist. I looked around on the web and found that Pete is most likely St. Peter and the phrase is a "minced oath" - an oath that was modified so that it wouldn't be blasphemous. 

from Cathy

7/02/2005 02:14:00 AM  

"bitching post" makes me totally laugh out loud. :-D

7/02/2005 06:22:00 AM  

Cathy, nice to hear from you! I know, I should just use Word. But does Word's spell checker actually recognize the word "blog"??

Ha--thanks for doing research on "Pete." But if "Peter" gets minced, why doesn't "god?"

Jessica, I wasn't sure anyone would get that. Grin.

7/04/2005 02:01:00 PM  

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