Life's Little Updates

Wow, so many things to share, all of them trivial or mundane, but I'll write about them anyway--because when have I ever let the inconsequential quality of my life stop me from blabbing endlessly about it?

In no order of importance, since none of them hold any:

  • I actually baked the fruitcakes I'd vowed to bake and write about months ago. But, I never got around to the "writing about it" part because this suddenly transformed into something I should do, like homework, which instantly made all desire to record my Fruitcake Odyssey vanish. Poof. Gone. Anyhow, due in part to my painstaking preparation of the various ingredients, the cakes were absolutely scrumptious, straight hot out of the oven. But, contrary to my understanding of the logistics of fruitcakes, they seem to have deteriorated over time, rather than aged and improved. What's going on? In a word: overboozed. I just did what everyone told me to do--a spoonful of liquor dribbled over the wrapped cakes every few weeks. Now, some six months of brandy basting later, taking a bite of my fruitcake makes me feel like a firebreather in training. I am literally transformed into a leaky and hazardous gas stove, and am certain that if a match were lit near my mouth, my whole head might ignite or possibly implode. I feel a bit sad. All that time invested and hope culminated...

  • I finally caved and bought the long-coveted Soie, to rid my forearms of "those unsightly hairs." I'm not a beast or anything, but there's just enough hair there that I've been bugged by it for quite some time. Sorry, is this rather personal topic making you uncomfortable? I grew up in a family that thrived on inappropriate discussions, with bonus points if you brought up offensive subjects at the dinner table. Anyhow, Soie is a handy little electric hair plucker--yes, you know you want to know more--with a special head that simultaneously applies pressure to the skin as it yanks hair, supposedly to minimalize pain. I suppose it's true what they say, that having a hair plucked feels like an ant bite. Except it's not really comparable because using an electric epilator is really more like have a little contingent of ants steadily nipping their way across a large expanse of your skin--remember when Barbarella found herself overpowered by those jaw-snapping dolls? Or am I thinking about the dainty little pecking birds? Too long ago. Anyhow, the user manual claims the pain will reduce over time. Perhaps the nerve endings, after extended attack, eventually break down and die. Whatever. The important thing is that my arms are now silky smooth. And I'm totally weirded out by this. Have you ever worn braces? Well, looking at my now hairless arms reminds me of the day I got my braces removed after three years of having a metallic grin. My reaction then had been one of utter dismay, for I'd transformed from Jaws into Rocky, but without the annoying squirrel cuteness. My teeth looked gigantic, overexposed; I refused to smile for days. Well, I'm not going to hide foolishly behind long sleeves, but my arms so do not look right.

    Soie actually comes with a smaller epilator for removing hair down there--no, not your legs. I don't think I should be embarrassed to admit that the thought of trying it out makes me want to flail and shriek like a big scaredy girl. I wonder what women think after having a Brazillian wax for the first time. I bet the shock factor of all that southern exposure would be double that of naked teeth or arms.

Oh dear, so many updates not yet recorded, but morning has arrived, and I actually have to wake up in a few hours at the ungodly hour of 9am to go to the office. So I shall continue with my stories tomorrow, if possible. I'm really going to try to write more regularly from now on.

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I loved your fruit cake. Every slice. Even Danny liked it. But I'll admit it was the strong (and I do mean STRONG) alcohol taste that got Danny-who-doesn't-eat-sweets.

Re Soie. I read this with morbid fascination. The whole concept of ripping your hair out at the roots bothers me. Like looking at a shaved cat. 

from Hsin

7/10/2005 12:27:00 AM  

Hsin-Li, I'm heartened. But are you not finding the cake to be getting a bit too moist on the exterior? I wonder if it's my fridge--maybe it's too small and not cold enough or something, so the condensation keeps building up.

So you are a shaver, then? I always thought the majority of southeast asian women were pluckers. I'm just scared that if I shaved my arms, the hair would gradually start growing back thicker and thicker, and that I'd soon have this...mat of fur coating my forearms--shudder.  

from Rachel

7/10/2005 02:29:00 PM  

I find myself oddly curious about culinary applications for the Soie...removing pin feathers perhaps? 

from the mage

7/15/2005 06:44:00 PM  

Hi Rach,

Only you can put fruitcake and hair removal process in the same story. Anyway, fruit cake always remind me of Chinese New Year (instead of Christmas) because my aunt used to bake this kick-ass fruit cake during CNY, it's as heavy as a log, but it's so compact, and so fruity, I just love it.

Anyway, back to my much obsessed subject, hair removal, there's so many hair removal stuff out there it's really confusing what works and what not. But I will suggest you to NOT shave your arms, I personally don't because I am a hairless cat (I know u are jealous..hehe), but my friend who does, whenever I accidently swipe my arm againts her, it's very prickly...and she told me she shaves almost everyday if she doesn't want prickly arms...hmm... 

from Nan

7/19/2005 06:29:00 AM  

Hi mage! Ha, yes, surely the Soie could work as a kitchen appliance. Although I'm not sure I'd want to share my Soie with dead fowl.

Thanks for the tip, Nan. No, I promise I won't shave my arms. I know, the prickly stubble can get out of control. Oh, I am so jealous of you and your hairless limbs! That must be such a luxury, especially in the summer, when everything is more exposed.  

from Rachel

7/19/2005 12:09:00 PM  

Dear Rachel,
I came across this looking for just that "soie" thing but didnt know the name or brand just knew it was out there. I also have some hair on my arms and have been waxing them but noticed that though I have less hair my skin is a little rougth. After some research I discovered that your skin roughtens up since everytime you wax you peal a timy layer of skin off cause it to regrow the top layer faster they it would naturlly, something like premature skin exposed before it should be. I was wondering if you know a site that sells Soie to US, because I really need only hehe.
thank you so much

from maxcherry

9/22/2005 01:20:00 AM  

Hi maxcherry!

I heard the same thing about waxing. Also, I have really sensitive skin, so waxing never left me nice and smooth--more red, bumpy, and scarred.

I did a Google search and, much to my surprise (because I didn't think this kind of thing was really big in the US), there's actually a lot of choices out there. Just type in a search for "epilator" and you'll find online shopping sites offering all kinds. Here's one to start you off: http://www.epinions.com/Shavers--reviews--epilator.

Just a couple of things. I'd recommend you get a cordless epilator--or else you'll be forced to stay near the electrical socket, which in my case means sitting on the floor next to the wall. Also, choose a well-known brand, even if it costs more. I tried a crappy one before and all it did was snap the hairs, rather than pulling each hair out at the root.

Oh, last thing. In the US, the Soie I've got is called the "Panasonic ES2029A Epilator."

Well, good luck!

from Rachel

9/23/2005 01:27:00 AM  

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