Link Alert: Recipe Collection from Japanese Pâtissiers

Quickly wanted to post about this wonderful site I very luckily stumbled upon called Cake Chef. First things first: It's in Japanese. But I think there's enough English and French strewn about that most people could navigate well enough. The site features famous pâtissiers in Japan who have trained in French technique. And the best part is that they each share a special recipe of theirs with you, and take you through the recipe step by step, with pictures and video clips. If you wanted to actually try the recipes though, you'd have to be able to read Japanese.

But there's still fun to be had, for those just wishing to nose about. For example, haven't you ever wanted to see how an Opera is assembled? Or how about goggling the Tarte au Fromage Chocolat (that sounds so good to me). And then there are the little tricks you can learn, merely from looking at the pictures, such as how to add texture to the top of a mousse cake.

Although the recipes on Cake Chef do tend to be a little fancy-shmancy, with more creams and mousses than I'd ever care to actually taste in real life, that's kind of what makes the site fun. I mean, who really wants to see the photo/video recreation of, say, a bran muffin, right? And there is a good mix of more simple recipes as well, such as clafoutis, cheesecakes, and loaf cakes--I am definitely going to try the Caramel Banane one of these days.

Oh, I also read on the website that miam is a child's way of saying delicious, so perhaps that's where the name minimiam came from?

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This is such a great site. And videos of how they make these amazing sinful things... what a find! Now I can ogle like mad via these videos instead of those window displays near the patisseries.
BTW, have you heard of Henri Charpentier? http://www.henri-charpentier.com/. We used to get heaps of such omiyage from this shop from friends. I saw an ad once in Elle Japan, a full page ad and it listed its branch shops as" Ashiya, Ginza and Paris". It was a bit funny how they exclusively chose such 'posh' areas.
Oh, thanks for the info about renting and dogs. It has made me a bit worried because usually the places willing to rent to foreigners are either really run-down or crazily expensive. But you are right; things may be different now with the boom in pet ownership. Hey it's lucky you get to bring Edward onto trains. In Singapore, you get fined for carrying pets onto the MRT. (and Durians!) Is Edward housetrained? Are there heaps of nice parks to bring him for walks where you are? I hope we find a nice place with good parks and meet other dog owners.

Here though, I am really lucky to be living in a very localised area. It's a very strange place to be because if you look one way, there is this posh hotel and tall office buildings and when you look the other, you see these massive residential blocks, wet markets and hawker centres. I love this area but have often wrestled my way around the local supermarket, avoiding being knocked over by aggressive "aunties" and their trolleys!

Can I be writing such long comments? Sorry about that!

3/13/2006 12:06:00 PM  

Hi Eve,

Glad you like the site. Yeah, Henri Charpetier is often found in the depachika, so I do see the shops but have never tried the goods.

Is Edward housetrained? ... Well, I'd say he's like 99% there. You know, he knows he shouldn't, but then once every few months he has an accident indoors, usually after drinking too much water.

And, hey, no aunties--and add grannies--can be as mean and aggressive as the ones in Tokyo. You have to be a survivor if you're old and living in this town, no doubt about it.

Yes, feel free to write long comments. I'm a long comment writer myself. And, I know, I really should get around to adding an email address to this blog one of these days...

3/15/2006 01:28:00 PM  

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